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Assess the performance of your product under any kind of physics (Fluids, Mechanics, Thermics, Electromagnetism ...) in minutes by integrating our SDK directly in your team’s tools.
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/ How it works?

Upload a geometry
Input your 3D geometry and choose boundary conditions
Run simulation
Choose which simulations you want to run regarding your conditions and run them with a single click
Get a result
In minutes, get your outputs : volume, surface, evolution curves, coefficients

/ Setup phase

Design data from your past simulations and trials
Physics Eq
Concepts for solving Physics PDE

/ Benefits

Faster time-to-market
More reliable numerical prototypes means hitting production with more confidence
Save engineers time for value-added tasks
Relief your team from the time-consuming hassles
Ease collaboration around product design
Easy collaboration between departments, designers, engineers, and business. Experts and non-experts can use the same tool
Leverage on your simulation investment
Get valuable insights today out of your past data
Reduce computation costs
Cut down expenses spent on CPU power
Test all your designs without constraints
Tolerant to imperfect geometry, no need to it clean up, sparing preparation time

/ Uses cases

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Need to hit production with short go-to-market and better control?
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